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The Widest Selection of Lakefront Cabins in the Shuswap

New Owner Information
Do you have weeks during the summer you're not using?
Want to generate some revenue to pay taxes, make renovations, have a winter getaway?

Talk to us about managing your waterfront home or cabin rentals.
Founded in 1996, A Shuswap Holiday has enjoyed continued growth and demand since inception. From renting one property for 5 weeks, our most recent year has seen more than 50 properties totaling over 300 rented weeks booked.
We are members in good standing with the Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce, Chase Chamber of Commerce and the North Shuswap Chamber of Commerce. As rental property managers we are required to be registered with the BC Consumer Protection Authority and we are the only licensed vacation rental managers in the Shuswap, beware those who arenít. Our Registration Number is B.C. Reg. No. 38235
What we do for vacation home owners
Our job is to take the time that your property is unused, and advertise the availability to
people throughout Canada and around the world. We handle promoting to tenants, taking
deposits and final payments, checking your property, cleaning after tenants and sending
you a cheque. All you have to do is cash it!

Our advertising includes web ads with Google and banner ads with various high traffic web
pages. We are linked with cottage rental listing websites in BC and various countries to
attract foreign tourists and the spring/fall European market is growing. Our custom
designed website displays your property along with prices, pictures and accurate up-to-date

Potential guests make requests for one or more properties that suit their requirements. We
then review the requests to be sure the guests match the various properties in terms of
numbers of people, pets, parking and age of group. Our general goal is an average age of
30 years old for any given group. If a particular request fills these criteria we confirm the
availability of the property to them and request a substantial deposit ($500-$1000) to make
a booking. As soon as a booking is made it is reflected on the availability calendars and in
the owners section of the website.
During the rented week we visit each property at least once for a tenant compliance check
to make sure that the agreed upon number of guests are there, number of cars/pets etc.
and that your property is being cared for in an appropriate manner. Upon tenant departure
we check your property for damage (check all cupboards, doors, windows, mattresses,
carpets etc.) and note any maintenance requirements. Our cleaning crews then descend on
your property to provide the next tenants with a clean and presentable home for their
vacation. Any maintenance is taken care of as and when necessary and will be charged back
to the guest if it is a guest damage occurrence or to the owner if a normal property
maintenance situation.

In return for the above services we charge a management fee. We will discuss the
particulars of this arrangement in our conversations with you.
Contact Us
To include your vacation home in our rental properties please contact us. We can meet with
you when youíre in the area or view your home during the off season. We will provide you
with an estimate of rental income once we have viewed the house and discussed with you
the maximum number of people allowed and the amenities of the home.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange for us to view your summer
home, please let us know.

Email us at owners@AShuswapHoliday.com
How we work with tenants
Our job is to match them up with the vacation home that will provide them with the best
vacation experience. Our website provides them with a list of properties that are available
during their chosen vacation period, along with rent amounts for that period. Full details of
the property are available along with a series of pictures showing them various aspects of
the home and its location.

The vacation homes vary in price based on the maximum number of people allowed as well
as the amenities and ambience of the property. Some homes are older and rustic, some are
beautiful log villaís. Our job is to provide them with all the details before they make their
property decision to avoid any surprises upon their arrival.

Their deposit will be placed in our government required Trust account which is set up for
your protection. We are registered with the BC Business Practices and Consumer Protection
Authority who regulates the Travel Industry in BC. Our registration number is: #38235. All
property managers in BC must be registered or your money is not protected. Taxes will be
charged on the rental amounts: 12% HST on the total rental amount.

Upon receipt of an initial deposit (which becomes their damage deposit during their stay),
we will provide them with confirmation of the property and dates of their vacation. At that
time a $200 cancellation fee becomes effective. 60 days before their arrival we will cash
their full rental amount. That is when the full rental amount is forfeit should they cancel. If
we can re-rent the property they will receive a pro-rated rent amount less the $200
cancellation fee. About two weeks before their arrival (unless otherwise arranged), we will
provide them with directions to the property and details regarding entering the property.
During their stay we are just a phone call away and if any problems arise we should be able
to rectify them in short order. We will stop in during their vacation just to make sure
everything is satisfactory and your property is being respected.

Upon their departure, we ask that they leave the house and property the way they found it.
Excess mess left from their stay may reduce their deposit refund. Cigarette butts and bottle
caps in the sand on the beach are a definite no-no. Their damage deposit will be refunded
approximately 10 days after their departure assuming they leave the property in
satisfactory condition.

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